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    Hello all

    Hi guys. I have recently become interested in purchasing a 9mm that is easy to takedown for cleaning. I own a S&W model 669 that is nice to shoot, but a pain to take down as I have small hands and the slide pin is very difficult to push out (I really need a third hand for this!) It is a shame that I rarely shoot it because of this issue.
    I have read that the P99 is easy to takedown and have seen pics of it field stripped. Look like a possibility.
    Any comments or suggestions greatly appreciated!

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    There are a number of 9MM's available that break down easy. The ones I own or have owned are.

    S&W M&P9 My preference
    Springfield XD9 Had one prefer the M&P
    Various Glock 9MM's haven't owned any but know they are easy to break down.

    I would choose based on intended application and fit to my hand as the top priority with breakdown ease lower in priority. IMHO I'd still choose the M&P

    Have your local gun shop show you how the ones you are interested in break down. If they can't be bothered to do so they don't deserve your business.

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    Welcome from the swamp Roakes. I agree with TOF as there are plenty of 9mm's that break down real easy. Find one you like real well and have the guy at the shop show you how to break it down before you buy it. Once you see it done it's a piece of cake with most guns. Good luck.

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    Welcome to the forum, I'm glad you found us. The new guy buys cigars!

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    Welcome to the forum!!!

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