Welcome the Hoosier?
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    Welcome the Hoosier?

    Long time looker, first time member. Like the site a lot. Iíve poked around the site for months and I know itís packed with knowledge and good people. (hat tips to ShipWreck) I know as gun owners we have lately faced some rough times. Seems like the future only holds more trials and tribulations Because of that we need forumsí like this to express opinions and ideas. We as guns owners need to use these sites to educate more people about the weapons they hold. We also need to talk to one another about forming a more united front on the restrictions of weapons so that what way we donít lose city by city or state by state. Incidentally------To any large Illinois gun manufactures ------ We here in the Hoosier heartland build some outstanding cars, Iíll bet we could build awesome firearms. Hoosiers will always welcome you!

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    Welcome to the forum, glad you're here! New guy buys cigars.

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