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Thread: New from CA

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    New from CA

    Hi everyone. Went shooting yesterday with my buddy for the very first time and I had so much fun I'm now interested in purchasing a handgun of my own! I am as newbie as can be. I did not grow up around guns (I am 21 now), never read about guns, I don't know a damn thing! So I joined and I plan on doing a lot of searching and reading before I make a decision for my first handgun.
    Could anyone point me in the right direction to entry level models? TIA.

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    Welcome. What's the meaning of your name? As far as handguns are conserned I would do a search on it in this forum. We've discused this a lot.

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    Welcome to the forum.

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    Start here:

    Newbie to guns? Need help? Where to start?

    Then, read some reviews on the various guns - some comments. See what sounds good and what some people may be complaining about.

    Truthfully - all the major brands make good guns. It is also true that any of them can make the occasional lemon too.

    Feel free to ask any questions ya need to!

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    Welcome aboard.

    Get ready for a wild ride.

    The hunt for your first gun (never assume it is going to be your only gun) is gonna be fun.

    If you've read other posts, you know the main recommendation is to get out there and shoot as many guns as you can.

    Never argue with drunks or crazy people.

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    Thanks for the kind greetings. I definitely plan on going to the range and renting out guns for a while to get a feel for everything.

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