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    New Member From Tallapoosa, Ga.

    I accidently found the site while looking for custom wooden grips for Colt Government Model Mark lV .380 pistol that I traded for today. It is a 98% gun appears to have been fired very little. The party I got it from had owned it five tears and had never fired the gun. According to my Colt reference book it was built in 1988. I know they were made in four different finishes and I assume mine is a blue fish but it almost has a bronze tint to it.
    I had to retire twelve years ago due to uncontrollable hypertension, congestive heart desease and Parkinson's desease, I was the Contract Administrator and Construction Manager for a large employee owned Architechural/Engineering firm
    that designed 80% of all the new schools and additions built in Ga, and on occasion we would sneak across the border and build a school in Ala.
    In 2009 I had a very serious heart attack which is if you survive and take care of yourself you are in better shape after the attack than before but it was the three strokes that occurred within a month after the heart attack. They left me in a wheelchair which I was never supposed to get out of according to my Doctors and I had total memory loss as well as blind for awhile. I now walk the help of a walking stick because of the Parkinson's desease.
    Eight months after getting out of the wheelchair I set a landspeed record and last April I set two mire records on the Ohio Mile and I am preparing to go back to Ohio in April.
    I started carrying a .410 shotgun following my Dad while squirrel or rabbit hunting and went onto hunting big game including bear and antelope. I am also very proud to have killed the largest deer ever killed in the county I live in. I am not able to hunt or walk in the woods now so a good friend and I belong to the local gun club and go to the range every week weather permitting and I have a fifty yd, range to shoot handguns on property my Wife and I own.
    I have a small modest gun collection and I also buy and sell nice Colt revolvers and sometimes in a trade I wind up with an off brand like the Smith&Wesson Model 1917 that I traded for a really nice Colt Mark lV Government Model .380 today. I mostly shoot revolvers at fifty and 100 yds, of course I have to sit at a bench but I have a 8"round, 16" long bag that I lay the barrel of a revolver or my arms across and still hold the grips with a two hand hold, no lockdown vise for me. I am 63 yrs. old and in good shape except for having to lean heavily on my custom walking stick. My main interest when bidding on and buying old Colt revolvers is the military issue revolvers from The 1890's up through WWll. I am looking forward to making friends with other handgun and especially revolver owners and hopefully learn something from each of you.
    Garrell Patterson

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    Welcome to!

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    Welcome to the forum!

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    Welcome from Iowa!

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