Beretta Lover From Ohio Here.......

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      Beretta Lover From Ohio Here.......

      Hey everyone. My name is Craig And I'm From Cincinnati,OH and love my Beretta's to death. When it comes to firearms I am a Black hole lol. Once I own it, it will never see another owner again. Except for my Children.

      Currently Own:
      Mosin Nagant M91/30 All matching Serial Numbers Perfect Condition, 1943 early production #

      Colt 1903 .32acp All Matching and original Parts 1918 Production Serial Number

      Beretta Px4 Storm in .40S&W

      Beretta 92FS 1989 Production Date- No Polymer on this Beauty.

      Sig Sauer Mosquito- Was broken in properly with CCI Mini Mags. Its not one of those one that people don't listen to Sig and they break it in with some crap Federal then complain that it FTF FTE. Very Nice little 22Lr that if you listen to reviews on forums you'd think it was a Jimenez, but those reviews are from those that don't listen to the Manufacturer and put crap through it to break it in. Spend the extra $4 you cheap bastard and youll have a great 22Lr. Sorry bout the rant I just cant stand some people that complain about something when they didn't follow the Instructions.

      Jimenez 9mm Bought off a friend who just bought a M&P and gave him 70 bucks for it. Surprisingly He never has had a issue with it and it hasn't acted up at all for me. Not saying I would go out and ever buy it or suggest to buy one but I will say it was worth 70 so far to me. Just got this gun today.

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      Welcome, go bucks! Unless you're a bearcats fan....oh ya, Nice little collection.

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      Welcome.............from another Beretta lover..........

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      Love my Berettas...

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      Welcome to the forum!

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      Welcome to!

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