Ruger P345 45 ACP
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    Ruger P345 45 ACP

    Just bought my first handgun its a Ruger P345. I bought it used and I'm looking for the instruction manual. I was wondering if anyone would know where I could download a copy of it online

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    Google..............P345MS Model Manual...............................

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    In the meantime, don't dry fire it without a magazine inserted. That has been known to cause problems with that model pistol.

    I have one and I love it. Ruger just recently discontinued the model so be glad you found one when you did. I hope you like your pistol as much as I do mine.

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    246 has a section for manuals that can be downloaded...

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    Welcome to!

    Quote Originally Posted by acepilot View Post has a section for manuals that can be downloaded...
    True! Here is Ruger's link for the online version of the P345 manual:

    If that doesn't work, you can get there by using the link acepilot posted, then under the Customer Service tab, select "Instruction Manuals & Product History". Once you get to that page, find the "Pistol Instruction Manuals & Product History" line, and click the "Show All" link on the right side. Then just slide down the list until you find your model, click the model name, and when the new window opens, click the "Instruction Manual" link near the top. The window that opens for each model also has a serial number range for each year of production, so you'll be able to tell approximately when your pistol was manufactured (many folks find this interesting/informative, especially if they bought the gun "used").

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