Greetings From Texas!
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    Greetings From Texas!

    Hey Y'all!

    I am 43 and was born and raised in Houston, Texas. I've lived here most of my life and have been shooting since the age of four. My father was in ranching, so I spent much of my free time, thankfully, way outside the city limits. My love of shooting and firearms began almost forty years ago when dad handed me a little Winchester single-shot bolt action Model 36 "Garden Gun" (chambered in the odd 9mm Flobert) and showed me how to shoot it. From that day forth, I've always been passionate about guns, whether it be a rifle, shotgun or pistol.

    I am a semi-serious collector (not sure what serious is, but I'm up to 64) and own a healthy number of Colt and S&W Revolvers, as well as a good little collection of semi-auto pistols. I hope to share any knowledge that I have as learn from y'all, as well.

    When it comes to long guns, I've always believed that less is more, but I certainly toss that philosophy when it comes to handguns. I hunt birds with a .410 and I hunt deer with a STEYR Mannlicher Schoenauer M72 .22-250 or a Browning BLR (lever action) or Sako Forester .243. My favorite shotgun is the Winchester Model 42 .410 or a Winchester Model 21 .410.

    My favorite handgun is the SAA Colt and my favorite caliber is probably the .45 (either LC or ACP - have no experience with the GAP). I also love the .44 (Mag, Spcl, .44-40), the 10mm and the .40S&W. My every day pistol is a Glock 30 Gen 3 (Compact .45ACP), but I rotate that with a Kimber Custom Shop Pro CDP (older model .45ACP), a Glock 22 Gen 3 (Full-size .40S&W - I shoot the Glock 30 FAR, FAR better), or a Smith & Wesson Airweight model 642-1 .38 Spcl +P, which is surprisingly accurate at impressive distance. I have plenty to choose from, but I prefer to expose my "younger" guns to everyday use and keep the older guys in the safe, unless I take 'em to the range.

    I am a freak when it comes to gun safety and have yet to meet anyone as religious about it as I am, unless I'm talking to my dad. Among other things, he was a Hunter Safety Education instructor, a Deputy in Dimmit County, Texas, an Honorary Texas Ranger and a life-long shooter and collector. We've known many a folk who've fallen victim to that mysterious complacency that seems to surround the firearm when it comes to safety, so I am very vocal and can be a total @$$**** when in the presence of some gun owners.

    I am also equally as freakish when it comes to maintenance of a firearm. I clean my guns after every outing, which includes complete detail strip, especially with my handguns.

    I suppose that's about it, for now. I live about five minutes from a great indoor range here in town and shoot as often as time permits.

    I look forward to being a contributing part of the forum!

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    Welcome to!

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    Welcome from the Great Northwest

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    Howdy from SE Texas.

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    Welcome from another Texan!

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