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    Most accurate 9 mm

    My name is Ray and I am new to the forum. I am looking for the most accurate 9 mm available. I have looked at the CZ Custom Shop CTS and the Sig Sauer 226 X 5 and 6. I have an EAA Witness Match Elite. Great gun, but I am not thrilled with the sites and I just ordered new sights for it. Most of what I read says that the Swiss Sig Sauer 210-6 are the most accurate. Any opinions for or against? I have found several on line for about $3,000. I hate to spend that much and be dissapointed.

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    IMO accuracy is more on the shooter when it comes to handguns. I make smiley faces on targets with my $500 glock 17 for instance, but thats just me. Theres a funny line in the movie Dawn of the Dead (1976) "The only person who could miss with this gun is the sucker with the bread to buy it." -Peter. I don't think buying an really expensive gun is going to be the key to accuracy any of the major lines like Sig, Glock, S&W are legit for accuracy.

    G34 would be my recommendation

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    The Smith and Wesson M&P in its full size variants (5" barrel) can be quite accurate. You might want to take a look at one of those. I have a Springfield Amory 1911 A1 in 9mm and it is very accurate. The Browning Hi-Power is also a good choice as is the CZ75.

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    Welcome to the site!
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    Yes, its not just the gun that is the most accurate - it is the gun to the shooter. Some of my fav guns for accuracy may not be someone else's. Before you go down that route, you should see what is most accurate for YOU.

    However, I previously had a Custom 9mm 1911 built in 2008. 1 year wait and at a cost of $3000. I did sell it last year, as I sorta fell out of the 1911 platform again. But, it was the most accurate handgun I have ever shot in my life. I did see the newest batch of Sigs, but I wasn't concerned with them, as I didn't see how they would be any more accurate than this 1911 I had. A Springfield Custom 9mm Full Rail Operator 1911. Realize that Springfield Custom is a 100% custom shop, and is not the same as the generic, Springfield 1911s sold at gunstores. These are on par with brands like Wilson and such...

    Anyway, I just got the Beretta bug again, and didn't shoot 1911s much eventually. Sold this Custom 9mm and an Ed Brown I had. I doubt I will spend $3k on a single gun again, after being in non stop gun buying mode for like 15-16 years. I think I've owned almost everything at one time or another. I shoot my Berettas almost as well as that 1911. But, no commercially made, mass production gun could ever touch it if you just had to have that pure accuracy.

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