Hello From Up State Western NY USA

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      Hello From Up State Western NY USA

      Hello everyone, I am new to your forum. It looks very well organized.
      I currently own five 1911’s. They are Kimber 1911 Stainless Ultra Carry II. 9mm. Then I wanted a 5 inch 1911 and at that time I only reloaded 9mm on my Dillon XL650 so I bought a Les Baer P II 9mm. This was a very accurate pistol and I shot it a lot. I wanted to join the Bulls Eye league at the club I belong to and started with a Ruger Mark II with an Ultradot 4MOA site. I saw a lot of guys shooting 45 ACP so I decided I wanted to punch a bigger hole than a 22LR and after feeling the quality of the Les Baer 9mm I looked at the Baer 1911 Bullseye Wadcutter Pistol with Baer Optical Scope Mount. After saving a few dollars I bought the Les Baer Bulls Eye 45 ACP. And put the site from the Ruger on it. I ended up with a nice shooting LSWC load that shoots very accurate and has very little recoil to get back on target. Now that I had the dies for the 45 ACP I wanted to get a 1911 for concealed carry instead of the 3 inch Kimber 9mm, I bought a Sig Saur C3 1911 with a 4.2 inch barrel with officer grips. I put a laser on it and for the slop in play with the slide and the barrel I was surprised how accurate the sig was. At 50 feet I can shoot 2 inch groups with the iron sites and then pointing and shooting with just the laser I had the same results. The Sig is a nice little well made 1911 and I have shot over 2000 rounds through it and I never had a fail to feed or fire. For practice I shoot Barry’s HBRN bullets with a light load of Bullsye powder. I just recently bought another 1911 5 inch. I wanted a 1911 that was moderately priced well made and have the ability to shoot well. I was on another forum and was sending PM’s to Alchemy Custom about some Les Baer questions and I told him I was in the market for a 1911, He suggested the Springfield Range Officer. What a great choice. I purchased it after looking at Colts Gold Cups and other 1911’s in the same price range. When I picked up the Range Officer I could not believe how tight the gun was, It had a heavy trigger at just over 5 pounds, so after taking. Alchemy Custom advice I put in all new parts and replaced the MIM components. I put in a new sear, Disco, Hammer, Hammer Strut. MSH, Main Spring, Sear spring, All I had to do was a little fitting on the thumb safety and the gun went from a 5.1 pound trigger pull to a 3.5 pound trigger pull. The Springer shoots as smooth as the Les Baers I have. If you were to shoot this pistol now you would think you were shooting a high end 1911 like the Les Baer and so on, It just says Springfield Armory on the Slide.
      Shooting and reloading are the only hobby that I can have because of physical restraints. I have had 6 back surgeries. The last one was December 9th 2011. I am recovering slowly, I have been able to start shooting again. I mostly shoot my Smith & Wesson 686 ,357 so I do not have to bend down to retrieve brass. I am slowly starting to shoot my 1911 now and use a Pick up stick to get my brass. It works well and slows me down so I am having quality shooting time not just shooting lead down range.
      My other surgeries were in 1995, 2002 2003 and 2004,
      I had a great job for Eastman Kodak. for 24 years. I lived in China for 3 years and traveled all over the world. I spent time in Australia, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Bali Singapore Thailand and Malaysia. So now at 52 years old I had a great life and saw things and did things I could only dream of. When I went out for the first surgery and things went south my boss called and said if I can get you on Long Term Disability would I take a lay off. It was a good buy out package. Being single I do not have a lot of needs. I am able to save my money and buy the toys I want. I am thankful I did not get laid off and then have the back problems. I would have been in real trouble. I always try to look at the bright side of things. That is how I can enjoy the little things that I can,. Shooting two times a week and the other days recovering so I can reload what I want to shoot and go to the club. They have a great indoor heated range and a nice outdoor range for the spring summer and fall. They also have a Rifle range and three archery ranges. The best thing is it only takes me about 15 minutes to get there and the large gun shop where I do most of my business is about 3 miles away from the range.
      I have a lot of other pistols but after shooting polymer framed guns and then picking up the first 1911, I knew I was hooked and I like owning quality products. That is why I bought the Les Baers and the Dillon XL 650.
      That is a little history of how I ended up shooting 1911’s. I live in upstate NY USA. I have had my pistol permit since 1983 and had a few pistols over the years. In the past 3 years I filled out the back of my permit and had to have another piece of paper added for all of my new purchases.
      I have taken a few NRA sponsored outdoor self defense classes as I would never carry a gun for protection before I only used my pistols in the 80’s for hunting. Being noticeably handicapped I felt like a mark, That is why I took the self defense classes. The people at the club I belong to are great, Every Wednesday the clubhouse is open for dinner, You can order steaks to burger and chicken wings, Same on the weekends for lunch. The league I am on has one of the best banquets steaks and all the fixings to go with it. That is about it for now. I hope my back does not get any worse. It is not getting better; I hope I can have a good quality of life for as long as I can.
      I am a Proud Lifetime NRA Member
      That is that about that

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      Hi and welcome......JJ

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      Welcome to the site!

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      Hello and welcome to the forum.

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      Welcome from Western Kentucky.

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      BrokenBack, welcome to the site from another WNYer!! Nice selection you have there! You have to love the quality 1911s, I have a nice full size Kimber SS Target II! A lot of good folks here with a ton of knowledge! I'm sure you'll be glad you found us!

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      Welcome from Jersey

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