Hello From Centennial, Colorado
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    Hello From Centennial, Colorado

    New to the forum. (New to ANY forum) Been reading it here for a month. Lots of good information.

    I have been a shooter since my Dad, brothers and uncles used to go pheasant hunting in the cornfields of Bartlett and around Kane county Illinois back in the 60's. I carried a .410 then and graduated through the 16 to the 12 guage. Had a bolt action .22 rifle from Montgomery Wards with a scope for the squirrels and I was pretty good at that. Still have that too. I'd like to take that out for Prairie dogs sometime since I moved to where they are a problem.

    Joined the Navy in 69 and bought my first pistol in Naples Italy, the Bernadelli .32 as well as a Winchester model 94 saddle gun 30-30 for deer and a single shot .12 long barrel for geese. Never got around to shooting any of them till just recently. My Dad and uncles quit hunting before I got back home.

    Thought about it for over a year and finally I got the .32 out for a couple hundred rounds and remembered how much fun it was. Then I purchased a 92fs used, enjoyed that and just bought the SR22. Love that too. I completed the required training and applied for CCW in May and now, thanks to the tips on this forum, I'm on 3 waiting lists for a S&W Shield 9mm. I think I still want an SP101 snub or 3 inch or even longer .38 or .357 but not for carry, except while hiking inthe mountains. I think the shield will be the everyday gun. I'm planning to take another class or two for marksmenship to improve my results.

    I am hoping that this rekindled hobby won't become too big but everytime I come home from the range I'm just smiling. Really glad I found the SR22 for the ammo prices. If I can keep it down to 2 range visits a month I think I can still keep eating kinda regular and sleeping indoors. My wife likes it that way too and with the twins in college my hobbies don't always come first.

    Right now I am shooting at an indoor range for $14 but I am looking for a club or something with good people and an outdoor range maybe that's not too expensive. The one's I've found close to home are kinda pricy, like $250 a year just for membership plus initiation fee. They are really nice and country club feel and maybe thats normal, I don't know, just know I can't afford that. I don't drive a Mercedes.

    Good to be here. Nifty Smilies

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    I wish the gun club I wanted to join was only $250 per year. That's a freaking bargain. The outdoor club I was looking at recently wanted $1,400 for a initiation fee! I didn't bother to ask what the annual fee was.

    Welcome to the forum and enjoy that sweet new SR22. I'm wanting an SP-101 22 real bad!

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    Welcome to the site!

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    Hi and welcome...JJ

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    Welcome.........guess I am lucky...........gun club dues are $75 a year with one time $50 join fee............

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    Welcome from Jersey

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    Howdy from Texas

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    Welcome to the forum. I am a fellow Coloradoan (Denver) but was transplanted here from Wisconsin. I originally lived in Loveland and went shooting at the Pawnee grasslands (free). The current fire ban prohibits shooting there right now, but to me, it is worth the drive. I can shoot clays, perform tactical drills, and shoot any caliber firearm from any position. I found that many of the indoor, and even outdoor ranges don't allow you to shoot from concealment, which is why Pawnee will always be fun for me......that and all of my friends live that way.
    The only place indoor that I have shot at that provides a discount to Military, LEO, or Correctional Officer (me being the latter) was Firing Line in Aurora (225 & Alameda). $7 to shoot (with discount) and you can stay there all day if you would like (Ladies shoot for free.....on Tuesdays I believe). You don't need to purchase their targets or ammo, they just ask that you don't shoot anything that will burn the range down, LOL. The other range/gun shop I would like to check out is BlueCore Shooting Center, as I have heard good things about them.

    This post is getting long winded, so feel free to PM me if you would like to know more information.

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