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    New Member from New Mexico

    Hey. Just wanting to introduce myself. Been in the Military since 98 as a Corpsman attached to Marine Units. Active for 7 years. Reserve now. Work for the VA, in the medical field and have been shooting since 1985. I've owned a bunch of different weapons over those years. Started out with 1911s, but owning a Taurus in .40cal for 20 years and then the training with the 9mm in the Military got me started on the DA/SA platform. I recently sold my Beretta 8045 and picked up a Sig Sauer P220. Was going to buy a Springfield Range Officer, but I'm just too used to the DA/SA platform now. I also keep a Beretta 92FS around, a Taurus 24/7 in .45 (that I picked up after my second middle east tour in 04) and a little Ruger Mkii for plinking. That 24/7 is almost as accurate as the Sig. But maybe with some time, the gap will widen. I also build cars in my spare time. I'm currently fully restoring a 1966 Mustang coupe that I got in boxes. Found a 1966 289 that I built and mated a T5, 5sp to it. Painted the inside and reassembled it with all new stuff. Still haven't painted the outside. School at night too. That's me. Pretty busy, but always make time for shooting!


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    Welcome to the site!

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    Hi and welcome...THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE... Semper Fi........JJ

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    Welcome from Jersey... Thank you for your service.

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    welcome from mass! quite an introduction and it sounds like you are building a nice life for yourself. thanks for your service! u.s. army 68-70

    btw your mustang when new cost about 2400.00.

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