Another hello from Florida
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    Cool Another hello from Florida

    Greetings from central Florida!
    I already poked around quite a bit, but its not too late for an intro.

    Had a 22 rifle since I was 15 and got educated in firearm safety at that time. Got comfortable with guns in general.

    At 18 when moving out I fell out of a lot of routines I shouldn't have... Shooting range weekends, family dinners, movie night, etc. Life getting in the way.

    Now 26 years old. I've always kept the rifle loaded in the closet. But after a bump in the night, and sudden waking panic of "Are we getting broke into?!", "is the rifle still loaded?", and some hard-to-navigate dark mobile home hallways with a long rifle, I decided things needed to change. That night it was a false alarm, but it was a great wake up call. I decided to get a handgun and get educated and practice what to do during home invasion. This was about a year ago, and at that time I casually mentioned my plans to my dad, who gave me a gun that day as a gift. It's a well-kept S&W 6904 9mm, and have been loving it. It's a sturdy, duty-grade pistol with a size that's acceptable for concealed carry. I found that my main complaint was that it had no setup for accessories. No rails, and Crimson Trace does not have grips for it. But, on the other hand, the smoothness of every part of the gun makes it perfect for quick draw and holstering. I ended up finding a clamp-on light for the trigger guard, that simplified the actions needed in a night home invasion scenario. Life story I know, but there's a little more to go

    I recently checked the crime stats for my area, and they're higher than most other areas. 3 nights ago, the store next to my mother-in-laws store was robbed. I had just driven though there. I also work online as a job most nights (i am a vampire and sleep during daylight), so I also drive, grocery shop, and visit many friends/family and other establishments in the 9pm-9am time frame. It seems more dangerous in dark scarcely occupied areas than it does at busy noon for example. Logic tells me I should better protect myself and my fiancee. So I'm happy to announce that I will be hitting the range more often and this month signing up for a course to get my concealed carry permit. This forum is an excellent resource, and has awakened and reinforced my previously dormant support and enthusiasm for our second amendment rights.


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    Welcome to the site!

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    Hi and welcome....JJ

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    welcome from southern oregon

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    Welcome from Missouri. It's cold and raining today, send us some of that Florida sunshine

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