Hello from Missouri
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    Hello from Missouri

    Just realized I've been here for a bit and never did formally introduce myself. I'm a 58 year "old goat". Learned to shoot not long after I learned to walk, and it's been in my blood ever since. I'm on a limited budget so my firearms "collection" is rather meager. I own a Bersa Thunder 9 and a Kahr CM9, for carrying, depending on the situation. I own a recently acquired Walther P1, purely because its a cool gun and fun as hell to shoot. After that I have the mandatory .22, in this case a Browning Buck Mark Camper. That's it in the handgun department. In long guns, I own the ever present AR-15. Yes, I'm one of THOSE guys. My only other long gun is again the mandatory .22. Although in my case, it's neither long, nor really a rifle. Legally its a handgun. A Henry Mare's Leg lever action.

    I've found two things on this forum that sets it apart from so many others I've come across. One is that many forums are dominated by a clique. A group of long time members who have set themselves up as the ruling clan. Anyone who doesn't agree with their view point is quickly run out of town on a rail. So far, I haven't seen that here.

    The other thing, which plays right into the first, is the ability for people to discuss controversial topics, without becoming vicious and resorting to personal attacks. People may disagree, and the disagreements may get spirited, but they remain largely civil.

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    welcome from southern oregon

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    Welcome...from another "old goat".......the world needs old goats to trim the lawn..........I had the same experience that you did on another forum...got kicked off of it.......the guy just got my goat.....i shouldn't have let them get to me, but I just couldn't let it go......and this was another old goat, and part of a clique on that forum..oh well, another lesson learned.............keep shootin straight and safe....

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    Welcome to the site!

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    Hi from just south of you!!

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