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    New guy here. Names John. Love handguns. Ive owned quite a few over the years. Currently own a "Mowry Custom Ruger Redhawk" its a 4" model cut to 3 1/2 inches. The trigger and hammer have been replaced with nice chrome ones, the hammer spur is a bit shorter and smoothed and rounded. A bit too short for my normal liking, but it IS a double action.
    Its engraved "Mowry Custom 032" on the top strap and "1 of 200 on the barrel. I have to assume the "032" is the run on that model i suppose? Anyway i got the first to 200 of whatever he was making.

    I also have a mk II with a red dot and silencer...silencers fake, but i can draw a happy face on a target at 25 yards all day with her..

    I DID own a new taurus pt1911. My second 1911 ive owned, first was a Colt Delta Elite 10mm. I didnt like that much power out of such a "small" gun. (1911s not being small per se, but 10mm is a lot of punch and i prefer magnum powered bullets coming from a revolver).
    The delta elite i left as factory. No modifications, etc...
    NOW The the time i sold it, damn near the only thing still taurus on it was the frame, slide, and barrell. . I must have modified and tweeked that gun so much that it may have started out a 700.00 new hot item at the shop, but MINE was more like a hand made custom. (The shop owner, wilson combat, and ed brown customs ALL liked me a LOT) and with both of them, i couldnt hit a 10 foot circle from 5 feet away! (Not THAT bad but 1911s just arent my cup of tea. I LOVE the design, i LOVE working on them, especially adding on or modifying after market doo-dads and doing trigger jobs but im just not accurate with them over about 10 yards. Dont know why. Beretta 9mm- 4 to 6 inch groups at 20 yards all day,, Springfield XD in 40 or 45 - same thing, 1911-bubkiss. But ive never shot a springfield or kimber or Sig or anything "high end" so i havent written them off completely, just the 2 i owned)

    So over the years ive learned a few things. I can gut, clean, and most times fix about any handgun from my first (smith n wesson model 10 .38 spl; through one of my most complicated weapons, a Desert Eagle MK VII 44 mag...though i would have to say my MK II 22 is quite a "Hellraiser puzzlebox" too.

    Anyhow. I like these chat sites. Ive done a lot with a lot of different models and over the years ive discovered that the more i learn about guns, the more i realize i dont know squat! LOL
    I can be a bit of a smart-ass on occaision. So if you get offended easy or cant take a joke, i may ruffle your feathers on occasion. 2 things i will never and have never joked about;
    1) the military. People in it, people who have been in it, and what those people do and have done. I myself wae in the Army. And its because of what those fine folks do, did, and are willing to do that wee can all be here on this site and say whatever we please! It all starts there...always has.

    And 2) weapon reaponsibility
    Gun ownership is your right. (See point #1) and as a right, owning one is a choice. And like all choices theres consequences either way. Use it, dont use it, either way...owning it comes with its own set of potential problems or potential rewards. Nothing burns me up more than an irresponsible gun owner doing something irresponsible and the press, public, whomever immediately attacking other gun owners, manufacturers, and places that sell guns and ammo. Some people are simply dangerous people....whether its a mean streak they have just naturally or lack of knowledge or lack of common sense, but a person with low character or in a bad situation who cant find a reasonable way out of it is as dangerous with a gun as without one. If sone "crazy" person hacks someone up with a chainsaw, the press doesnt attack sears, or "Stihl". But that same fella shoots up a house full of folks with a sig saur, somehow it becomes Sig's fault or wal-marts fault for selling bullets. (Just ask K Mart- thanks Michael Moore)
    No i swore to defend the freedoms that the flag represents (twice 1993 infantry, and 2007 Engineer corps)) and i still say every american should have the right to own a gun, even the scumbags, but as an american myself, i have the right to also, and if you abuse youre freedoms and make me or my family fear for our lives, well, ill excersize my freedoms, staying within the law as much as humanly possible, to stop you from doing harm to us. If its a situation that puts me in deaths path but some loophole in mans law iis gonna get me killed or thrown in prison, well then i refer to Gods laws.
    That may not agree with some, oh well.... again, i swore to defend that flag, which allows for the freedom
    for you to disagree with me as well!

    Aside from those two things i have a pretty good sense of humor and a reasonable knowledge of handguns. I stoll ask a lot of questions and sometimes even dumb ones. Buy as far as introductions go, i think thats a good amount of info bout me. glad to be here!


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    welcome from southern oregon

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    Thank you!.

    I spent a couple years in Wichita, closest i ever got to Oregon. But thank you from southern Michigan

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    Welcome to the site!
    "Placement is power" -- seen in an article by Stephen A. Camp
    (RIP, Mr. Camp; you will be remembered, and missed)

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    Welcome from SE Texas.

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