New guy from Sidney, MT
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    New guy from Sidney, MT

    So, im 18 and im just about to go to college. just got my cwp and i am looking for a good 9mm to have for shooting practice, for in my vehicle, and most importantly, i want it to be semi comfortable when hiding it on my body. not many gun shops around here, so its going to be difficult to find something. been thinking of the sig p250. any thoughts anyone?

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    Welcome to the site!

    SIGs are nice guns, but if you're going to keep it in your vehicle, you'll have to clean/lube it regularly to keep it from rusting. Especially in the Northern areas like MT and North Dakota where I live, having a weapon that is highly rust-resistant is a must if you plan on leaving it in a vehicle during cold weather. The hot/cold cycles from driving or just the difference between night and day temps can cause condensation on metal objects, and rust will be close behind unless it has daily care or high resistance to moisture.

    I'd recommend a gun made primarily of stainless steel, adding a rust-resistant coating like NP3 to a weapon with normal steel parts, or getting a gun that is itself very rust-resistant, like a Glock.

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    welcome from southern oregon

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    Welcome from northeast Tennessee.

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    Welcome steffanan.

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    Welcome to the forum! I second what DJ Niner said about acquiring the best rust resistant gun you can find. I like Glocks for that purpose.

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    The Sig P250 is a stainless steel pistol and is not prone to rusting, especially since it is also coated, any weapon will need to be cleaned and maintained in a harsh environment ....police around the world use Sigs, the US Navy Seals chose P226 for their handgun and the US Army bought 5000 SIG SP2022s to use in tanks.......JJ

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    Just Curious but you say youre 18?
    I Know fed law says you have to be 21 to buy a handgun from an FFL and I "thought" that applied to ownership /possession too? Does Montana allow under 21s to buy from another person.I dont know Montanas laws so Im just asking??

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