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    New Shooter

    Hey everybody. I just got a .22 browning buckmark hunter for Christmas and plan to use it for small game hunting and target shooting. Being that I am ill-experienced as a pistol shooter (but proficient with rifle/shotgun), I was wondering if there are some tips I should know to start off things like:

    -Correct grip
    -should i upgrade to red dot/ other sight
    -anything else that would be good to know

    Thanks a ton,

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    welcome from southern oregon

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    Welcome from ohio. And yes to all your questions, proper stance and grip are even more important with a hand gun than with a long arm(shorter sight radius and less secure 2 point rather than 3 point foundation), once you are familiar and comfortable with the iron sights a red dot or reflex sight is a nice but not must have add on. As you shoot your Buckmark you will have more questions, just ask.

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    Welcome from snowy AZ...JJ

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    Welcome to the site!

    A red-dot sight is a fine choice for a sighting system on a small-game hunting handgun, as it allows you to focus on the (often well-camouflaged and/or partially hidden) target and the aiming point at the same time. I put a low-powered pistol scope on a Buckmark a few years ago, and harvested a bunch of smaller critters with it over a couple of hunting seasons.

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