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    Cool This is your captain speaking...

    Hello HGF members/staff! My name is trips, I have joined this forum to research semi-automatic pistols in preparation for buying my first one. I am not naive to guns, I have shot several types but I have not owned many.

    So I've been shooting some of my friend's pistols, he has a Springfield 1911, the tactical edition model, which was real nice but I'm probably not looking to get a 1911 right now. He also had a Taurus .38 special revolver which was very nice but I believe I would like to buy a semi-automatic pistol and not a revolver.

    On my short list right now are the Sig P226, Beretta 92A1, and the one that my buddy suggested is the Springfield XDm but I know nothing about these. Also a friend on another forum said I should take a look at the CZ 75 models, after taking a look at the CZ-USA site I like the looks of the SP-01. (The regular SP-01 looks nice enough but the "Phantom" model SP-01 has the poly frame and the decocker.) I am looking to get a full-size model, this will probably stay at home for defense, and I'll shoot at the range with it, but it's not going to be a carry piece.

    Some general info about myself, I am in Wisconsin, I used to shoot a bow when I was a teenager, I am an avid gardener of ornamental and edible species, I play guitar a bit, and I am an Administrator on a forum which discusses herbal medicines. Oh and obviously I like to travel hence the name trips lol. There ya go, trips in a nutshell.

    Looking forward to getting a lot of great info from this forum, and getting to know the members.


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    Welcome to the site!

    Unless you have already tried them and made an informed decision not to buy one, I'd recommend adding Glocks to you list. The full-size 9mm is the model 17 (usually referred to as the G17), and the full-size .40 is the G22. Many folks prefer the feel of the slightly smaller G19 (in 9mm) or G23 (in .40).

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    Welcome to the forum. Well sir, if you like to travel and would be willing to drive to northern Indiana for a day, a few friends and I can put upwards of 30 different handguns in your hands to play with. Then YOU can decide what you like, and what you don't.

    My response to a similar post elsewhere on this site...

    None of us was born with all the answers, so ask away. Handguns are very subjective, in that different shooters want different things in a handgun. If a given handgun doesn't feel "right" in your hands, you'll not shoot it enough to become proficient with it, because it's not comfortable, and you won't like shooting it.... Just like you rarely wear shoes that are UNcomfortable. If you're not gonna become proficient with it, save your money, and buy a ball bat to carry. With proper training, and fundamentals, you can learn to shoot almost any handgun, or any caliber. Very few folks can re-train their hands to make just any handgun feel comfortable. The last suggestion.........proper shooting techinques, practiced slowly, but proficiently, will breed speed. Do it slowly, and do it the right way, every time.......If you practice speed first, and introduce less efficient techniques into your training, you'll have to do it all over again to get it right.

    By the way..... anyone who introduces a new shooter to our pastime by having them start with a large-caliber handgun, makes a very poor decision. Yes, some folks do ok starting out with large calibers, but the vast majority will not continue to shoot if their very 1st experience is with .50 S&W. Start with a .22 caliber something, and as your technique/accuracy improves, work up from there. Caliber doesn't count until after you can hit your target.

    There always will be a trade-off..... light weight, more recoil...... shorter barrel, more recoil... just sayin....

    Get some professional training, and shoot safely.

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    Welcome from East Texas.

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    welcome captain trips (stephen king fan?) from southern oregon

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