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    New Member from Michigan

    Hey everyone,

    I am from the Metro Detroit area, served 6 years in the Army, and own my own retail business.

    I am a brand new XD(m) .45 owner - just picked it up! I also just recently picked up a new Smith & Wesson M&P9C. I have had a Springfield .45 1911-A1 for the last 10 or 15 years, but sold it recently to finance the 4-1/2" XD(m) .45 and the 9mm M&P.

    I plan to use the .45 as my home defense weapon, use it for some bowling pin shoots, etc. and use the 9mm as my EDC weapon.

    I am already regretting selling the 1911 , but in no way regretting the new XD(m) or the M&P, they are both great guns. I just wish I had been able to afford to keep the 1911 and still purchased these 2 new weapons.

    I am looking forward to the talk on this forum ~ advice from the experienced XD(m) and M&P users would be greatly appreciated!

    To start with - How about reloading for both the XD(m) & the M&P9C? Specifically, do you save money and just reload lead for these weapons? Or do you pay a bit more and go FMJ and if so, why?

    I have used some CHEAP ammo recently in the XD(m) - Ultramax .45 re-manufactured. I was surprised at how smoky it shot, and wonder also about the lead fouling the barrel as well as fouling my body! What do you all think? Is lead ok, or is it a bad idea?


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    Welcome Zeteo from Jax's Florida.

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    Welcome to the site!

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    welcome from southern oregon

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    Welcome from Damascus, MD.

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