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    New from Tennessee

    Hey guys how's it going. I have dome experience with handguns more with long guns AR types. Going to take my carry class soon and looking at a few guns. The sig p226 and colt 1911. What are pros and cons to both these firearms. Thanks

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    Welcome to the site!

    Tough choice. I think I'd defintely...

 a Glock.

    Sorry; big Glock fan here.

    The SIG will probably be more reliable and have less recoil; it might even be lighter when fully loaded, depending on the ammo you choose. The 1911's reliability will heavily depend on the manufacturer and the use of quality magazines to feed it; but if it DOES jam, it will make a splendid club.
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    Well my two cents, I agree with DJ. You are aware of course these are full size service pistols with the sig probably being the lighter of the two and weighing in at 34 ounces w/ an empty magazine. I carried around a 92FS in a fanny pack for years which wasn't bad, but I tried everyway to carry it on my person and that didn't work for me. For concealed carry, I believe you may want to downsize a little or at least you'll realize that eventually; unless your fairly large framed and don't mind the weight and size and printing issues in summer clothing. Then again I've heard concealed carry is not supposed to be comfortable but comforting.

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    Thanks for the info I know the are both service issued a few buddies have 1911 one has punisher grips looks pretty good. I have shot the sig before and liked the way it shot. I am a bigger guy so the weight really wound bother me I have looked at a few glocks but haven't really seen them except for browsing at the gun stores

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    Welcome from the mountian top in NC. I have carried a full size 1911a1 every day, not is not the lightest but I have carried it for so long it is normal. A good belt IWB holster and loose cover shirt your good to go. The best carry weapon for you will be one you shoot best and feel the most comfortable with.

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