Formal Introduction...
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    Formal Introduction...

    Just wanted to formally introduce Bman505 and 4nines as Administrators to the Forum.

    They will be involved in the everyday stuff around here and helping make this Forum grow and make it even better, I of course will be here as well... so please give a warm Welcome to them.
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    Welcome aboard guys!

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    Thank you js,

    My name is Brandon and I am one of the new owners of HGF. I am very happy and excited to be a part of this great forum. If any of you need anything at all from us, please do not ever hesitate to contact us.

    A little about myself. I live in Southern NM and have most of my life. I have had my ccw now for three years. My everyday carry piece is a XDm Comapct .40. I also own a Kimber, Ruger, Marlin and a few other XD's. Like most firearm owners, the collection never stops growing. There are many more on my ever growing list that I wish to acquire. I hope to get to know all of you and please know that I am here if you need me!

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