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Thread: Maryland Newbie

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    Well, the cities and states w/ the strongest gun laws and with the death penalty tend to have more crime than the ones w/o this.. Go figure...

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    Well I had my first class last night. We just went over all the basics of a gun and safety procedures.

    Some of the people in the class should be nowhere near a gun. We were given unloaded guns to pick up off a table and they wanted us to practice cocking and checking the chamber and practice keeping it pointed down range. One guy just layed the gun on the table aimed right at me. I'll be sure to be nowhere near him next time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sje0123
    Maryland is pretty crappy as well. You have to jump through so many hoops to get a handgun and are required to take an "approved" gun safety class to buy one. However, I can just go to Walmart and buy a 12 gauge shot gun no questions asked.

    it's funny though as its easy for criminals to get their hands on them and we are unable to protect ourselves from them.

    There was a shooting right across the street from my house about a month ago where a 20 year old shot a 15 year old. We are encountering a bit of a gang problem lately. I'd like to feel safe.
    Sounds like your enjoying the hunt! Keep us posted on your progress, and yes, duck away from the guys that don't pay attention.

    BTW: The Wal-Mart Shotgun might be a good choice for immediate home protection. Nothing beats the sound of a shotgun shell being racked into the chamber.

    Never argue with drunks or crazy people.

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