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    Hello from WV

    I've been lurking and learning from the forum lately. I figured I better introduce myself before I start posting. I'm looking for a new pistol and trying to learn from the experts before I buy.

    I'm a lefty, so far I'm interested in FNX-9, M&P 9 or SR9, in that order. I really want to like a Glock but, unfortunately, they feel very awkward in my hand. Most others (Sig, HK, Walther) are not left-hand friendly or a little more than I can afford.

    I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks

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    Welcome from the Lone Star State.

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    Welcome to HandGunForum.net!

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    Cool Hand gun for a lefty

    hello from tenn. i am also from W.Va born in fairmont and lived inhaywood,clarksburg, and parkersburg. i have a walther pk 380.it has an ambidextrious magazine release and safety.costs between 350.00-400.00 dollars. only down side is finding ammo rather scarce here in tenn.

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    Hey! fom NC by way of WV

    Retired, tinker with guns, reload, shoot, clean, tinker, shoo..............Someone has to do it. See a couple more hillbillies. Born in Ntro. Lived in St. Albans and Belington. Virginia, Charlotte and now in McLeansville, NC.
    Competed in Cowboy for six years, IPSC for about fouryears. IPSC back then. (years back in St. Albans - Mountain Combat Shooters)
    1911 addict. Single action revolver addict, rif......................gun addicted.

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