Hello all!!
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Thread: Hello all!!

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    Hello all!!

    Hello all!!

    My name says it all. I am a pure 100% through and through GLOCK fan that loves all models and styles of pistols. I even own an XD that I love to death.

    I been shooting along time. I have shot in cometition for many years, have a good working knowledge about ammo and how it works on all kinds of mediums from paper to game animals. Almost all of my shooting and hunting is done with pistols and rarely a 12 gauge for deer. So I thought I would join a hangun forum lol.....

    Anyway I love to spread the joy of shooting and hunting and have introduced more than a few to our sport broadening it! I am also a huge fan of all the new guns and calibers hitting the market these days. Nothing could be better for our sport than more choices!!

    I look forward to enjoying this place!

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    Welcome from the Lone Star State.

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    Welcome to HandGunForum.net!

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