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Thread: hi all!

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    hi all!

    My name is ZZ(although it was already used so it says ZZwisco) as you probably gathered, I'm from the comunist state of Wisconsin. But I won't go on about that, I have a question that may sound dumb but I'd still like to know what you think.
    I just tried shooting "fast draw" from a concealed itw holster w/ my non dominate Left hand. The first shots, from the waist were fine, but when I shot from an aiming position I wanted to use my dominate eye.
    Is that ok? It hit everything I wanted? Or should I try to train myself to use my left eye?
    (Hanks in advance for any input. ZZ

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    I dont jack about guns, hell i just traded my Sig p238 cause it was a SAO!! Got a nice p232 to replace it so im happy.

    trainning with your weak hand is a awesome idea. I need to do some that.

    But IMHO, I never use a dominate eye or what not. I was trained to never use the rear sights at all. I use both eyes, wide open, parallel with the top of the gun. I shoot what's in front of me.

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