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    Another "Hi" From California

    Greetings all. Just thought I'd drop the requisite "hello" here. Name is Alex, hailing from a slightly lesser known outskirt area of San Francisco.

    Been shooting for two decades now, starting in the military and loving it ever since. In that time, it's always been "other-people's" handguns, of which I have a strong affinity for the P226 in the .40 cal flavor and (of course) good 'ol "Slabsides" (M1911A1). It was only recently, though, that I elected to dive into ownership.

    Because of budget, I was originally opting for the Ruger P95. However, as the wife joined in on this venture and just could not get acclimated with the properties of the 9mm in short order, it was decided to start small. That comes in the form of a Sig Mosquito which I now have on order; I'm hoping she'll get comfy and, given a couple months worth of range time, transition her up to the Ruger (or if finances allow at that future date, perhaps something better).

    At any rate, I think that covers it. I look forward to reading the material on the site and hope to squeeze off some rounds at the range in the company of some of the members here.



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    Jefferson County, TX
    Welcome from the great state of Texas.

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    Welcome from down south!

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    Welcome to the forum!

    All members are required to be familiar with the Forum Guidelines , so please take a few minutes to review them if you have not done so already.

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    Thanks for the welcome aboard, you all. Already finding quite a bit of useful ownership information, as well as some rather entertaining threadds throughout the boards.

    And thanks Todd for the suggestion. Never hurts to go thru the rules a little more carefully.



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