Hello from Minnesota, need help for CCW pistol decission

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      Hello from Minnesota, need help for CCW pistol decission

      Stopping by here to introduce myself. Just got my carry permit a little over a month ago. Had long guns since I was a kid but have never owned hand guns before so went to a couple ranges and spent a couple hundred renting several. I wear XL gloves and when I shot the LCP two handed, I would bump the mag release on the second or third shot. I could shoot it one handed but I was as accurate as throwing rocks. Also really wanted a 9mm. Liked the XD's including the Sub Compact. Tried a Glock 19 and for me the XD and XD-M felt better and grouped tighter. Then I tried a little Kimber 1911 style and an EMP. I think both were rented a lot and cared for very little but the EMP was a tack driver for me, even out at 50'.

      So when I came across a nice used one I bought it. It has night sites and is a real shooter! Then a local dealer had a special on XD-m 9's and I had a deer rifle I wanted to trade, he gave me a trade allowance I was satisfied with so I own the XD-M as well. So I think I am well covered for the range and recreation (well, need a 22 yet)

      Been carrying the EMP and have one major complaint.... It has such obtrusive safety levers! It would be a nice compact gun (and I really like the looks of it!) if they would have safefty levers more like a Taurus 709 (only polished up nicer). In fact they stick out so far on both sides, I am afraid I will accidently knock it off safety. It also rubs my side and is uncomfortable that way. Otherwise it conceals nicely under my coat... But spring is here and summer is coming!

      So of course now I am still at least one handgun (well maybe at least two, I'll be needing that 22) away from happiness (don't tell my wife, she only knows about one so far, lol)!

      Stopped at a dealer last night and he had a used Kahr cw9 for $300 (no box, only the gun and one mag.). It looked in nice shape and not fired all that much, really showed no wear.... I asked him to bring out a pm9 to compare it to and that is even smaller.... But it was new and high priced (I can afford it if I really decide I want it, but hate to spend money foolishly). Also unsure about the lack of safeties.

      He then got out a Taurus 709 slim and it compared to the cw was about the same size and only $80 more brand new. He said they sell a lot of the 709's and hardly ever a pm9 because of the price. He also claimed they have more complaints on Kahr's than on Taurus'.

      I also looked at Bersa's and Walthers, but the controls seem a little odd, and Walther is high priced as well. But I did just see an ad from Gander for a Bersa Thunder 380 with a Crimson Trace Grip!

      There is also the XD Subcompact (and I know I can shoot that competently, esspecially with the extended mag) which has roughly the same side profile but is much thicker. I am assuming the thickness presents the bigger challenge for concealed carry. It looks like a brick.

      I am also kind of drooling over having a laser sight for CCW. And really don't like the under the barrel mounted ones so would prefera grip type, or possibly considering the rear sight type, which I think are available for XD's now.

      Also looked at the LCR with Crimson Trace but it is only 5 shots and I am concerned about concealing the profile of a revolver.

      I like the idea of a trigger safty as well as regular safety on the 709, or the trigger and back saftey on the Springfield. A little uncomfortable with the lack of safeties on the Kahr's but maybe in the right holster it will be ok?

      Help! What should I get for a small comfortable easy to carry and conceal yet reliable pistol?

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      Welcome from SE Texas.
      I would suggest going to a gun range and renting several guns to see what you like best. Everyone has a different opinion about which guns are the best, it will ultimately depend on your intended use of the gun, how it feels in your hand, amount you want to spend.

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      Welcom to the Forum

      I have recently purchased a Springfield Armory XD40 SC and put a LaserMax inside the weapon, it replaces the spring rod. Works well. I love this weapon and carry it cc all the time. I'll forgo a little bulky for something I can shoot well.

      Good luck on your quest.

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      Welcome. I just bought a Glock 26 yesterday in black and olive green that i'll be using for CCW (make sure you hold it with the Pearce grip extender if you want to get a REAL feel for this gun *it's what made my decision final*). I was looking for a .40cal but settled for the 9mm since no one had any or knew when they were getting any in and didn't know what color since I was almost dead set on all black. Its an awesome little gun though, I'm actually going to the range here in a bit to fire it for my first time. I'm not a big guy and I can conceal it fairly easy, actually going up monday to pick up my permit. Good luck with whatever you decide.

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