I just signed up and stopped by to introduce myself. I got my first 22 rifle when I was 12 and now my youngest son is 12 and taking gun training so he will be getting his first 22 rifle soon. He is a pretty good shot with a pellet gun.

I have several long guns but just got my CCW permit and have been shopping for the perfect pistol, which I don't think exists so I will need several ( just don't tell my wife yet, lol). Went to a couple ranges and shot several. I am really sold on 9mm in spite of my brother in law's advice that a 9 is not a "real man's" gun. I like the availablity and price of 9mm ammo and in looking at balistics info, it looks to be one of the faster rounds (of the popular choices) thus I assume it should be accurate. and it did not look to me like it was very far behind the .40 in ft pounds of energy delivered. I also have some back injury issues and don't want more recoil than nessasary.

I tried the little .380 LCP as well but for me it was as accurate as throwing rocks. I grew up working and even though I am of average size, I need at least XL gloves and I could not shoot the LCP two handed without bumping the mag release by the 3rd shot. I could shoot it better one handed. Loved the XD, XDM and even XD SC and could shoot well with all of them, and a little better than with the Gloock 19. Also tried some smaller 9's like the Taurus Millenium and 709 and some others including a small Kimber 1911 in 9mm.

But I fell in love with an EMP and found it was a tack driver for me, even at 50' and after only having shot about 100 rounds through a handgun in my life. So when I saw a used one in like new condition, I bought it. Been carrying it when I feel the need but I am still a little paranoid about carrying all the time. Also had an old rifle I wanted to trade and got a deal I liked trading it on an XDM 9. Now I still need something a little more concealable, especially as our MN winter fades and clothing gets lighter!

I also want an accurate 22 for small game hunting and for the range, and to introduce my wife and kid to handguns.