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    My name is Ezra, I am a 21 year old optician who just applied for my NYS concealed carry permit. My father has a collection of different pistols most every caliber one can think of. I am looking to purchase my first handgun, and due to my circumstances I am having trouble narrowing my search. For years my father has taken me to the range with him and I have shot an Astra .40 cal that I absolutely love shooting, but for a daily carry it is a very heavy handgun. In comparison my father presented me with his .40 cal subcompact Glock 27, I stove-piped the gun every time I shot it. People have told me it is my grip on the firearm but when I change my grip/ hand positions it confronts me with an uncomfortable shooting position or stove-piping.

    Either way I look at it I want a daily carry that meets a few standards.
    1) Full size
    2) Semi-Auto
    3) Safeties

    All in all, all help and suggestions are appreciated. I do like to .40 Cal ammo and for me it is a very comfortable round, but for ease of use and becasue of popularity I can go with the 9mm round.

    I have heard of a grip safety but I have only seen it on the p7, but I don't like the style of that gun.

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    Hi, Welcome to the forum!
    does your dad have a 1911 you can shoot?

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    From Ky.

    The Springfield XDs have a grip safety and the 1911 has forever. Depending on what's your pleasure..Poly frame over metal or weather or not you want it to have a hammer will have a lot to do with your choice.

    Limp wristing can cause the troubles you are having (stovepipes) but if it's only wit that one weapon I would be more inclined to look at the weapons recoil spring. It's cheap and easy to replace and really never hurts to do anyway now and then (depending on the weapon as to how often).

    The FNP pistols are pretty nice too for carry. They have the features many are looking for these days and the poly frame eases the load some. and it has a safety, hammer, and de-cock.
    And put your hand on a 1911. There is really nothing like it. Sig Sauer are great all around also

    Look around. Different hands need different weapons. Find what feels best in hand and you will find the weapon you will shoot best. We can talk about how great this or that is but if it's not a good fit for you then it's a paperweight that you paid way too much for.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    If you haven't already done so, please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the Forum Guidelines

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    Welcome from North Carolina.

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    Welcome from southeast Texas.

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    Welcome from PA!

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    Hello and welcome to the forum!

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    Hi Ezra.

    Hi welcome from North Central Texas.

    Nice forum here - you'll like it.

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