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    nOOb from Cornville

    I am a recent new handgun owner. So is my wife. We've kept a pump shotgun around for home defense, for quite a while, but this year bought three hand guns after tax returns. (kind of ironic this year if you think about it...)

    My wife bought a pink Charter Arms .38, and I bought a used Taurus PT-11 9mm and a new Taurus pt-22 mouse gun. Please don't start in about the Taurus, I am posting my own unique experiences in the Taurus threads where they belong. (mine have been mostly good..)

    We also applied for lifetime Concealed Carry Permits ($125, no tests, Indiana rocks!) and they should arrive any day now. We have been NRA members for awhile now, and recently joined the USCCA. We are also trying to get some defensive training at a place in nearby Kentucky, but they fill up fast.

    We are an active Christian couple with kids(3) and dogs(5), run a youth group at a church we don't even attend, and are what the Dept. of Homeland Security apparently calls "Right-Wing Extremists".

    Any Hammerheads out there? We are also rabid fans of an old TV series called "Sledge Hammer". Required viewing for all "gun-nuts".

    "I don't sleep with a gun under my pillow, I sleep with a pillow under my gun."-Det. Sledge Hammer

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    Welcome aboard!

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    Welcome from North Carolina.

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    Welcome from southeast Texas.

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    Welcome from Alaska.

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    Welcome from Northern Colorado.


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    welcome from another noob.

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