I'm A Newbie You Are Not...Impress Me with Your Knowledge

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      I'm A Newbie You Are Not...Impress Me with Your Knowledge

      Ok, so I have been a gun owner for a couple of years, but now I am looking to get some opinions because I may want to add to my collection. Anyone care to share with me their personal favorites for home defense, personal carry, urban uprisings, survival or anything else I've missed? Pictures are welcome b/c like I mentioned I'm green and pictures say 1000 words dontcha know Nice to meet everyone, I hope to be here for a very very long time...


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      Good to have you aboard.

      My carry gun is a Kimber Ultra CDP II

      My favorite range guns are my Kimber TLE II and my S&W Model 19

      For plinking, I shoot a Browning Buckmark

      and...for home defense, my Taurus 24/7 .40 lays quietly in my nightstand.

      I also have a Kel Tec P3AT for pocket carry.
      Let loose with any questions. You'll get a lot of answers here.

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      welcome to the forum and Merry Christmas! im a newbie like yourself, and when i first joined i asked a similar question, id suggest narrowing down what you want first, otherwise youll get all kinds of answers, and be specific as to what your looking for as well. heres a sticky that helped me out alot

      FAQ for New Shooters

      hopefully this will help you narrow down your selection to what fits you the best.

      enjoy the forum!

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      Welcome from Big Sky Country.

      My EDC is a PX4sc

      If clothing does not permit the PX4 then I carry a Kahr PM9 or my Ruger LCP

      Plinking is my son's Neos

      And entering my house without welcome could come at the end of numerous firearms.

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      What fits your hands best? Different people have different sized hands and what works well for one person may absolutely not for another.

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      Welcome from North Carolina.

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      I'm A Newbie You Are Not...Impress Me with Your Knowledge

      I'm not here to impress anyone. Welcome just the same though, and I'll do my first good deed toward you and refrain from giving my opinion about all that over the internet.
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      Welcome to the forum. For an all around good handgun it is hard to go wrong with either a Ruger or Smith 38/357 or with a Glock 19. Both platforms will handle a variety of situations.

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