New Member and another Montanan
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    New Member and another Montanan

    Hi all, I stumbled across this forum on one of the many other forums I visit.

    I'm a lifelong shooter, handloader, bullet caster, and even make some home swaged jacketed bullets. I own about every form of firearm, but lean towards big bore handguns in every caliber except .41 (and I used to own one of those). I own a lot of Rugers in every action style, and bought a Freedom Arms 83 in .454 Casull about 15 years ago. I've since added two more .454's.....A Ruger and a Taurus, plus got a Puma in .454. Thus, my handle.

    I got hooked on handguns when I bought my first .45 Colt at the age of 21. I was married and had two kids already, so had to find a cheap way to shoot. That lead (literally) to bullet casting......and the race was on!

    Now I'm retired at 58 years old, and can spend a lot of time on my hobbies, including riding my Gold Wing in warm weather, and building ammo and hobby machinist interests in cold weather. I'm also a musician and play music in a band, which helps finance the guns and shooting.

    I learn something at every forum I visit, and hope I can occassionally help someone else out with a question.

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    Welcome from the mountian top in North Carolina.

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    Welcome from down in the swamp. Enjoy.

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    Your biography sounds cool!

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    Welcome aboard!
    Employed by Galco Gunleather - / Veteran OEF VIII

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