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    new to handguns

    I live in CA and I just purchases my first hand gun a hi point 380..just something basic for hoome defense.. I'm in my 10 day waiting period and was wondering if anyone knew or had a digram of hey they break down to clean? thanks

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    Here is the Hi-Point company's web page for their .380 model:

    Click the "Instruction Manual" button near the bottom to download a .PDF copy of the User's Manual. It has one or two paragraphs on care and cleaning, but it looks like they recommend just locking the slide back and cleaning the barrel and slide/breech-face that way, then doing a more complete disassembly (drive out a pin in the frame, and remove the slide) and cleaning once a year or so.

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    I am surprised Hi-Points are legal for sale in CA. You learn something new every day, as they say.
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