Hello from Farmington, MO
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    Hello from Farmington, MO

    I registered to gain some info on hand guns. I am looking for a new or used handgun for home protection mainly. Any suggestions in the $300 range is appreciated! Any and all welcome! Great Forum!

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    Welcome from the swamp. Enjoy.

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    Welcome aboard!

    A new shooter with $300 to spend is almost invariably best served by a good .38/.357 revolver. If you shop carefully, you can still find a good used six-shot S&W for that price. Also look at Ruger and Taurus revolvers if you run across them.
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    Welcome from the mountian top in North Carolina. Mike has it right, I would add for it to be a 4" barrel. Ammo cost is low for 38's with a wide varirty of types of rounds for it. a great cal. and gun to learn from.

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    I just signed up myself...
    My first handgun was a used Ruger GP100. I picked it up a few yrs ago for $200

    I always find used S&W 38's for $150-200 at my local shop...

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