Dan Wesson 715V Pistol Pack
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    Question Dan Wesson 715V Pistol Pack

    I am new to the forum and would like any kind of information on the DW 715V Pistol Pack that I am thinking about buying from a friend.The gun has a nice case with 4 barrels and 2 grips and looks like it is in very good condition.I am after the value of this pistol and any problems with it.From what I have found out about thse DWs is either people love em or they hate em. Thanks.

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    My experience shooting with a friend's DW Pistol Pack (MANY years ago) was good, overall. The only downside I remember was if you shot it fast for several strings of fire, the barrel would get hot (like any other magnum revolver); but the DW has the cylinder release right below the rear of the barrel, on the crane/yoke. When the barrel got hot, so did the cylinder release latch.

    Make sure he has the barrel wrench tool; without it, you can't get at the recessed barrel nut to change the barrels. There is also a little feeler gauge for setting the correct barrel/cylinder gap, but if that is missing, it's fairly easy to find a workable substitute; not so much with the barrel wrench.

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    I had their revolver pack back in the late 70's. Bought it new with all three barrels. It was a fine shooter and I never had a bit of a problem with it. Had to let mind go when I sold a bunch of guns to keep us going. Like DJ says make sure you got the barrel wrench. Good luck.

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    I have a Dan Wesson model 714-2. (Stainless steel, Fixed sight,Small frame, 2 1/2 inch bbl., .357) It is my "always" gun. I bought it used 5 years ago. It needed to have the mainspring replaced. Since then it's been 100%. I guess I've put about 11-1200 rounds, mostly 38s through it.
    I was in in a local shop, the same one I bought it, about a week ago looking for a .22. They had a D.W. pistol pack, blue with 3 bbls, wrench, spacer, and an extra grip for $750 (or $790 i forget). It looked to be in pristine condition.
    CZ now has D.W. The last time I checked, the wrench and spacer were still listed as available.
    Rumor has it that C.Z. will be offering the .357s again soon. They do offer the 445 super magnum in two variations. See the C.Z. site: http://www.cz-usa.com/
    Also, here is the D.W. section of the C.Z. Forum. http://czechpistols82792.yuku.com/fo...-FIREARMS.html
    The D.W.s were very popular in silouette shooting a few years ago because of their accuracy. The front-locking crane was said to align the cylinder with the forcing cone better than the rear-locking models. I wish that I could shoot well enough to tell the difference. lol
    I hope this helps. Good luck.

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