Laser sights or not
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    Laser sights or not

    Are laser sights worth the money or are they hype? Yes I understand to practice with your gun of choice so you can hit what you aim at.

    Is it just the cool factore or something you would like to have if it fit your budget? (around $250)

    Red or Green?

    Grip or hanging off the front?

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    I had a set of CT's on a Ruger SP101 and they worked great for old tired eyes. If your going to use them on a carry gun just besure you practice with them a lot. Good luck.

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    What gun are you putting it on?

    Look around. There are lots under $250...


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    well you know you have to have the crimson trace. especially when you buy it for the ruger lcp. buying a laser that's almost the same price as the pistol is rediculous. I like lasers fine, great concept but a fully believe 250 and even 200 is rediculous the should not be this expensive. but I'm not knocking crimson trace if I had the extra cash I'd have 1 for each pistol.

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    AH to laser......or not to laser.....

    Put a set of CT Grips on m XD9sc over a month ago for around $275 bucks.
    Yes I COULD have purchased another pistol for that, but I rely on my XD as my CC & my primary home defense (nightstand) pistol. I pondered the choice to buy them right up till I was standing at the counter to buy them. It came down to these for me:

    1. Any tool that can give you an advantage over your opponent in a defensive situation that requires you to draw your worth the $$$.
    2. If anything....that little red dot may give your BG a serious moment of "ah-crap" and de-escalate the entire situation - advantage you.
    3. How well do they fit my gun/holster? - GOOD
    4. Does it interfere with my overall point-and-shoot hand grip? - NO
    5. Ok I'll admit it - COOLNESS FACTOR - there I said it......

    Just DON'T rely on them TOTALLY. Always train yourself to use BOTH the laser..and the "factory sights" your pistol came with.
    When I'm shooting at the range I "mix-up" my aim/sighting between both at various distances (5-15yrds) and have found that the laser is better at close range (7-10yrd) ...any further out your searching....oh and broad daylight - red laser dot is hard to see - maybe green is easier.

    So you see they're not perfect.
    Good luck.

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    I found a set for my .38 snub, and think they're great for a CCW gun.
    They can help with training, too. Using the laser, I can see how my point of aim changes during trigger pull.
    You can also intentionally not squeeze the button switch while instinctively aiming, and then hit the switch to check your instinct.
    When sighted in, the laser is ridiculously accurate even at 50 ft.

    I've even read the arguments of laser detractors that have much more training than I do, and I respect their opinion. But, I still can't imagine how having this thing on my gun wouldn't help me put more rounds on target faster.

    I don't need them on my longer revolvers, but when I get another CCW gun, I'm getting another set of laser grips.

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    I find lasers somewhat helpful under the following circumstances:

    1. Shooting in reduced light.
    2. Shooting while moving.
    3. Dry practice while training on good trigger control.
    4. Dry practice while training on draw and presentation.

    I do not find lasers any faster (using an electronic shot timer) than using an eye level shooting index. Lasers work poorly in bright light and most of them bulk up the gun quite a bit. I had the Crimson Trace Lasergrips on my Glocks for about two years, but ended up taking them off. In the end, I didn't find them worth the extra size since I have night sights and can already make hits on the move. A newer shooter might feel differently, however.
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    To answer what gun : SA XD9 4in
    Wish they were cheeper. I Liked the crimson tracers because of the grio but I've been looking at the Viridian Green Laser on their web site. Brighter and better in daylight, easy to install and take off, with the drawback of connecting on the rail under the muzzle. Thus another cost for a new holster.

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