next slimeline glock

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      next slimeline glock

      when is glock going to add another model to the slimline group? will it be
      a 9mm? i hope a 9mm is going. anythoughts?


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      I have no idea what Glock is going to do next. I'm pretty well satisfied with the Glock I have, so I'm not really wishing for anything.

      I was going to correct the thread title, but it amuses me, so I will leave it.
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      Dont wait. Have a reduction done. There is a huge differance between the factory short frame and a well don grip reduction.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Mike Barham View Post
      I was going to correct the thread title, but it amuses me, so I will leave it.
      Freudian slip..................

      If they slimline another pistol I was thinking 10MM but it will probably be a .40 since they probably sell 20 times more .40's than 10MM's.

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