Fatigue causing FTFs?

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    Thread: Fatigue causing FTFs?

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      Fatigue causing FTFs?

      Yesterday I was at the range with my G22 and touched off 100 rounds of S&B 180gr. Towards the end of my shooting, probably within the last 15 rounds or so, I had two FTFs almost back-to-back where the previous spent case ejected properly but the fresh round hung up on the case mouth at the entrance to the chamber. At that point in my shooting I also noticed I was getting tired and losing concentration. This same scenario also happened the prior week where I had one FTF toward the end of 100 rounds of shooting. Prior to that I had about 500 rounds through the gun with no problems. In each case I was using only a single (Glock) magazine which was relatively new. The gun itself is also relatively new and the recoil spring is still strong and working properly.

      My question is, if indeed I was fatigued and not concentrating enough to have limp-wristed those rounds, would that have caused the FTFs that I described or should I suspect the magazine or ammo? In each situation the case ejected cleanly but the next round did not feed fully into the chamber.

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      I think limp-wrist is more likely to cause FTE, often stovepipes. I don't know what ammo you were using. Bullet lube such as Alox has gummed up chambers enough so that cartidges won't fully seat.

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