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    I have Jentra plugs in my 19 & 23 and have shot thousands of rounds through them with no prolems, have never had a mag stick even after inserting dirty ones at the range. I've removed them occassionally and saw no build up. The plug on my 26 does occasionally work loose because there is no lanyard hole to lock it in, its just pressure fit. When customizers do the 1911 grip cut down they fill that area with epoxy then grind it to shape, so filling it with a plug has no negative effect. It just improves the looks..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Handgun World View Post
    I don't use grip plugs except on my G34 competition gun...

    With the grip plug out of there, it's much easier to yank out the magazine. I've had this happen in a shooting competition match while shooting my G19.
    If you've had to yank out the magazine in a competition with your G19, why do you have a plug in your G34?

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    When I had a Glock 21 I never once even considered it, if it was supposed to be there Glock would've put it there.

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    Grip Plugs

    If you have large hands and shoot the shorter gripped Glocks there is quite a difference in the feel of the grips without the plug vs. with the plug. Much more comfortable with the plug installed. I have a G30 and the gun is way more shootable with the plug installed. On the full sized Glocks it's not noticable if not there. At times I use the G21 mags with adapter sleeves and the plug must be removed using this setup and if I then use a 10 rd mag without the plug I can tell immediately.

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    The thing is that you really don't need a plug for that hole. The reason the hole is there is to accomodate the molding process and reduce material used. The plug is just some guys attempt to create a need for it but you really don't need it. Save your money for ammo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SouthernBoy View Post
    I have installed a butt plug in all of my Glocks. Just a thing with me.
    Same here... just waiting for the Gen 4 versions to be released.

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    Its to prevent the top/first round's extractor groove from snagging on the plastic web that seperates the mag well from the backstrap when loading a fresh mag. I notice it does impede the mag from dropping free easily but also makes tactical mag reloading smoothler/quicker with zero chance of the snag issue. I just recently, after 15+ years put one in....Jury still out on the pros vs. cons on it though....just wanted to buy something that day

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    I think they are 'un-Glock-ly.'

    The only beauty a Glock is capable of lies in it's simplicity. They are built to be purely functional, with no frills.

    It's like putting fender skirts on a Volkswagen beetle.

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    I've got a Jentra plug in my G23, never had any problems with it at all...snapped in easy, its not loose at all and its never come out. Honestly, I forget its there unless I see a post like this specifically asking about it

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    my wife says i'm anal about my guns[this is a new level]

    i'm glad i caught this thread at the top or i might have thought i was in an adult chat room the "butt plugs"are simply cosmetic like the girl friend getting "vagazzled"and about as useful.cute, but useless.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 4X4SNEAK View Post
    I just re-certified as a Glock Armorer. Glock does not recommend the plugs. Their opinion is that it may trap debris inside the fire-control assembly. They would prefer that debris flow freely out of the gun.
    So what your saying is that that hole is meant as an exit only and not meant for things to be put in there............


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    Received my Gen4 Grip Plug for my Glock22 yesterday and it works great & looks neat to boot. ( is the only place I have seen them available as of now. When you first try to put the plug in, the lip will catch on the frame but all you have to do is wiggle it a little and it will slip into the frame and next thing you want to do is line up the hex screw hole and tighten but not too tight because it is plastic so you can strip the threads. I am using mine with the medium backstrap installed.

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    I have plugs in all my Glocks G22,G30 and G32 except for my G19 which has a lock there that came with the gun. I bought the gun used, although it looked unfired and I assume Glock put the lock there.

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