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    Glock's customer service is great. They will repair or replace whatever is needed to make it right.

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    wow what a crappy way to treat your customer. bought the gun that day and he wouldnt exchange it. my first gun was a used one it was a jericho 941 the baby eagle i had it for a week and when i finally took it to the range it jammed up every magazine on every other round so i took it to the shop i bought it from and told the guy what it was doing and he exchanged it out with another gun that had the same price tag on it which was also used and he gave me a box of 50 rounds to take to the range to make sure that one was ok. now thats how you treat a customer...and i will go back to them for my next gun also

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    Man that really bites!

    It's wrong that he won't exchange the piece but...he figures that you have your warranty card and so you should take it up with Glock.

    Gun/Pistol paperwork and background stuff is sticky enough and gunshop owners don't want more to confuse anyone that may question the purchase such as an auditor and then have to explain why an immediate transfer/exchange took place

    It can be quite a hassle.---- (granted this is BS but it is what it is)

    Remember It's not like you bought a faulty computer or torn pants from Walmart. This is a firearm that has many laws governing its purchase...Many Gunshop owners figure you have the duty to check it out before you buy..ask questions etc. then let the warranty card and company take it from there.

    I wish you luck. Give Glock a call they take care of you. No problems. A pain yes. But don't give up on a Glock.

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    I have a 22 and 23 right now, and both work perfectly. Dealer is definitely shrugging off something that he could have easily taken care of for you.

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    I would think that the mag lock is defective. A local smith should be able to fix it.

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    Horrible place to do business. OTOH- I think that's the first time I've heard of a Glock malfunctioning that wasn't shooter related

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    Go find them on Yahoo, Google, MSN, and every other site out a review with just the straight facts so others know what to expect from them. That's crap!

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