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    Question new parts is it worth it

    Ok I wanna get a replacement barrel for my G19, but I want to get a silver barrel. I was looking at the Lone Wolf barrels are these any good? If not what other replacements are good. Oh also is it even worth putting in a steel guide rod and titanium plunger and striker

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    I cannot speak for the Lone Wolf barrels - I have a 9mm conversion barrel in my Sig P229 from BarSto - No problems.

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    You do know that you could polish your stock Glock barrel and make it shiny right? I like solid steel guide rods in my Glocks personally...I have one in each of my Glocks. I see no benefits of any titanium parts in the Glock pistols other than they may last longer, but you'll pay a hefty price for something you may never realize making a difference or not IMO.

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