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  • .357 Glock 33

    37 17.13%
  • .38 Glock 28

    6 2.78%
  • .40 Glock 27

    173 80.09%
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    Quote Originally Posted by VAMarine View Post
    This thread is almost three years old and the OP hasn't been back since.
    So it is! Well, then, why doesn't somebody kill the thing? (I did say I hadn't read the whole thead - Right!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glock Doctor View Post
    So it is! Well, then, why doesn't somebody kill the thing? (I did say I hadn't read the whole thead - Right!)
    No worries, someone probably just felt inclined to vote on a three year old poll and revive the thread, the poll has since been closed and this thread can die a natural death....again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black Metal View Post
    If you didn't notice it is his back in the picture. How could he pull up while drawing with out sweeping his body or at best his leg before the gun is in front of him?
    I mentioned this a long time ago in another thread. I don't approve of the SOB unless the grip is in the "up" position to avoid aiming at your own body.

    It was pointed out to me at that time that I must not approve of a shoulder rig either as you have the weapon pointed to your arm at one point. (I don't wear shoulder rigs, but the Dirty Harry style would resolve that issue).

    Also, the appendix carry has the same disadvantage, but I like the appendix carry.

    So I guess it all boils down to training. Train yourself never to put your finger inside the trigger guard until you are on-aim and you should be OK.

    Also, the SOB carry requires the longest of Tee-Shirt tails or it will reveal when sitting. That is not nearly the case with other positions on the body.

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