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    new glock annual magazine

    they sure are pushing the 45GAP aren't they!!
    honestly i can not blame them - based on pure logic the GAp makes a lot of sense but we finikie buyers just can't let loose of the ACP with its 100 years of nostalgia
    but you gotta admit - newer powders, newer technology, newly designed case - the GAP with same ballistics and smaller grip size makes good sense

    the ACP case makes sense for the 1911 frame

    now if the ammo wasn't so $$$$ and easier to find

    I wonder what glock gave in terms of $$ to get them to choose the GAP?

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    They're just furthering a new market on the 45GAP. From what I've seen, it never has really taken off. This is just another attempt. Don't get me wrong---I'm a Glock man myself. The 45 GAP isn't really new either. IMO, the 45 GAP, the 357SIG have less of a following than the 10mm. The real numbers are probably still being deciphered. Propagation will occur only when there is a niche to be filled. Now on the other hand---the new 5.7 round might really take off.

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