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    I have a Glock 19 gen 4. Everytime I shoot it the mag falls out. Tried 3 diff mags plus 2 30rd mag. All fall out with one shot. Help do not now what to do. It is for my wife but can't have this.

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    Could it be while gripping the gun, your inadvertently pressing the mag release button?

    Or... are your mags Glock factory mags? You can inspect the mag to insure it has the propper opening "mag release/lock cut" and also look inside the handle while activating the mag release to ensure it's working properly.

    Try these and let us know if there is any improvement... although I'm betting it's your grip or a bad mag release and not the mags.

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    What side of the frame is your magazine release button on? Are you using early third generation magazines - The ones with only one, right-side, retention cutout? If you've got all the correct parts then, either, you're inadvertently pressing on the magazine release or else the magazine release spring is, somehow, fubar?

    Another thing: Are you loading to full magazine capacity + 1? If so, then, stop and download those magazines to full capacity - 1 until after you get used to the gun. (+1 loading on top of a full magazine is NOT this old gunman's idea of smart loading, anyway.)

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    Brand new mags and brand new pistol? I suggest seating the magazine with a slap from the palm of your off hand....they are plastic, but you're not going to break them. Sounds to me like they are not fully engaged with the mag release. mags are pretty stiff, so if you're inserting mags that are fully loaded on a closed slide, this can sometimes make a difference. Once everything is broken in, I figure things will go smoothly for you on that pistol. Leave those magazines loaded, it won't hurt a will get those springs loosened up a bit.

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    Did you reverse the mag release and use earlier generation mags'?

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