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    reliability? accuracy?

    I am going to purchase a handgun in the next few weeks & I am in the process of doing some research. I am new to the site, so be gentle...

    I am have been reading the information here for a few days & I appreciate all that I have learned. What I am looking for is information regarding reliability & accuracy. Specifically - facts - not opinions. I know that a few years ago I saw an article that ranked the Beretta 92 among the best as far as rounds fired without jamming. If you know of any information that exists, I would appreciate that information.

    You have a great site here. Thanks for the info!

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    Here are two guns that are pretty "bullet proof".

    No one here will disagree.

    I like the grip angle and trigger on the XD, so I own one. Others here will love the parts/work availability for the Glock...

    Can't go wrong w/ either one, function-wise, and both are much more accurate than most any human holding them could be. They are both a great place to start as a pistol owner, and can be had used under $500.

    Welcome to the forum. I learn a little every day here. And I get a few smiles too.


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    Welcome from down in the swamp. First I would recommend a 9mm in a auto and a .38 in a revolver. If you can rent and shoot them great. If you can't find one that feels the best to you in your hand. All your brand name companies make a fairly good pistol. Accuracy comes from practice and more pratice. Good luck.

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    ...or maybe .357 so you can shot both .357 mag and .38.

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    G L O C K ! model G17 or G19 .
    Good luck & don't purchase the first handgun you try , check 'em all out .

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    First off welcome from the mountian top in North Carolina. Now the best advise is for you to spend time renting or borrowing different handguns. You can read everything written about handguns, listen to every ones arguements, but the final deciding factor is how well you can handle the firearm. I love the 1911 and have carried one for over 35 years, others have thier favorites, I am right "for me" and they are "right for them". Only you will find out what is the best handgun for you, it will be a enjoyable quest. I wish you the best of luck and safe enjoyable future.

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