Microstamping and lead hunting ammo bans now CA LAW!

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      Microstamping and lead hunting ammo bans now CA LAW!

      Both were signed into law by Swarzenneger today! This is major bad news and you can expect other states to try to duplicate this stupidity.

      Thanks to all who actually did something to try to avoid this result. To those who preferred to bash CA's politics (which I'm not defending) and did nothing to help prevent this from becoming law, I'm not going to comment further. That's the nicest thing I can do.

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      I think the people of the state of California are responsible for this, not people in Texas, or any other state that did nothing to stop this stupidity from becoming law.
      Move if you don't like it, obviously you are outnumbered by idiots that think criminals wont use a weapon that will put identifying marks on a bullet and brass. They already do, it's called rifling and firing pin indentation on the primer, just as good as a fingerprint in scientific community and court of law.
      It's just like Ron White said, "you can't fix stupid."

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      the micro stamping wont last long,it will wear down rapidly.hardly worth the cost involved.you would think the governor and his aides could understand this,but i guess hes just doing what the dumb voters of Cal. want.
      one thing it will do is raise the cost of firearms.

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      Think about it. If you used lead hunting ammo they might die from lead poison. We can have that in California.

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