I pick up the MRI Baby Eagle .45 on Sunday. I haven't fired it yet but as I always do, I disassembled it when I got it home to check all moving parts and lube everything. Well, on this particular pistol, the firing pin is under significant spring pressure so when the pin retainer was removed, the pin shot out of the slide into my hand. I didn't have a chance to see it's proper orientation in the slide.

There's a V notch cut in the pin and I believe that that notch is used by the safety to disengage the firing pin when the safety is rotated to SAFE. This would require that the V notch be oriented up in the slide. I didn't try installing the firing pin with the V notch down as I don't believe that the safety would be able to rotate at all.

Could someone confirm that the V notch on the firing pin is in fact on the TOP of the firing pin when installed?