I went shooting with 1911 MagMonger (Larry) today and I truly enjoyed myself. Larry is a member of the 1911 Board and he brought his brand new 9mm Springfield XD and I showed up with my Glock 17, stainless Kahr K9, and FN/FM high Power. For those that do not know this FN/FM high Power is known as “The Bastard”. Why The Bastard? The reason is this pistol was a FM High Power and a pain in the ass to get going, I blew the frame, and Alex Hamilton put it back together using a FN frame.


Glock 17:

The Bastard:

Kahr 9:

As usual for me all shooting was done at 7-10 yards. 1911 MagMonger shot his Springfield XD well but he did better with my Glock 17. Larry also shot my Kahr K9, doing nicely, but he was apprehensive of a pistol without a safety. Strangely, his fears were not constant when it came to the XD and Glock. Larry seemed to like The Bastard but it choked a couple of times on him. I am not sure if the chokes were due to the ammo (Winchester White Box) or Larry’s hold.

In my case I did my best with my Glock 17 followed by The Bastard, and my Kahr 9. Sadly, my worst shooting was with Larry’s XD; I wonder if it is due to it being a new weapon or the Glock’s 3 ½ pound trigger.