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    purchasing a gun at the gun show

    i am looking to purchase a gun at a gun show but was wndering whether or not they accept business/personal checks?
    if so is there a holding process or is it a same day walk out?

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    Here in Florida if you have your CWP and use cash or credit card it's carry out. I don't know about checks but I kind of doubt it. If you don't have a CWP you have to pick it up at a gun shop in three days. Good luck.

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    Whatever forms of payment a vendor will take is completely up to them. Therefore, you have to ask them, instead of an internet forum.

    Holding process depends on state law where you live. Since you have decided not to provide that crucial bit of info, it would not be possible to tell you what to expect.

    Whether or not your backround check is delayed will sometimes determine if you will or won't walk out with the firearm.


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