Gun show question
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    Gun show question

    Are the people selling at gun shows all dealers or are some private collectors? Is it usually better to go early on in the gun show to find better deals or wait til day 2 or 3? I am going next weekend. I can go after work on the first day or anytime on the 3rd day. I was wondering if I am likely to miss out on the gun I am looking for (which is the Springfield XD 9mm) if I wait until Sunday. Or will I be able to get it cheaper if it is still there on Sunday because the show is almost over.

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    The sellers are both. You may even see someone carrying a rifle slung over his shoulder with a 4 sale tag. (these have to be checked in at the door) It can be hit or miss with when you go. If it's to early,say on a Sunday, some tables may not be open yet. The gun you want most likely will be sold by a dealer.(ffl#1) As far as price, it will probably be the same no matter when you go. You could always try to talk them down in price.
    Most of the dealers are about the same in price. Walk around and check first.Then TRY to remember where you saw a better deal. Don't be in a hurry! You WILL be ticked if you buy from the first dealer you come to and find one cheaper later on in the show! (I know) Good luck,enjoy and try not to get a stiff neck.

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    Go the first day and compare prices with other dealers. Also, items will be in stock. Most shows have a mix of private sellers and dealers, used guns vs. new sales.

    Yes, usually dealers raise their prices later because of the competition.

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    What I alway find is the dealers near the main entrance have the higher prices and the one in the back or middle are less. I've seen a 60 dollar difference on the same gun. I'll ask the guy why and he told me he is a much smaller dealer and what he was thinking was get the hell out of here you %@#$. I find the best deals by the people who are carry arms they want to sell and you can tell who they are because there not looking at other guns and they walk in the middle or have a sign on them. I sold two guns like that this year.

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    ALL good advise!

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