Trying to sell a HI-point
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    Trying to sell a HI-point

    Well I made a step up in the hand gun world from a HI-point to a beretta. I took the hi point to a local gun shop to see what I can get for it. The guy told me $60, and I said no thanks. Not saying he didn't give me a fair price since I only paid 130 for it new. I'll be the first one to say this is a crap hand gun , but I don't need 60 bucks that bad. I still don't get were people say this is a great gun, and would trust there life with it. Yea when it jams you throw it at the bad guy and hope to knock him out with it. I was only 23, and didn't have a lot to spend at the time. Should have listened to my Dad and bought a used gun.

    So do you think I could get anymore if I sold it myself?
    I still say it makes a great door stop, but I was thinking of tinkering with it to see if I can get it so it won't jam ever other round if I can't sell it.

    That and I have been biten by the handgun bug. Was eyeing up a 1911 .45, but the girl friend was with me so I had to be good

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    First I would try a new set of springs and see what happens. Work with it and learn as you go. Might turn it into a real shooter. Might turn it into a door stop but you will learn something about how they work. Might be the best education tool you will ever have. Good luck.

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